Fire on the Beach

Chalk Dinosaur

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Fire on the Beach

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This is a beach inspired album that combines the sounds of the steel drum and ukulele with surf guitar tones. I set out to create something organic, chill, and vintage sounding but the recording process steered me into some unexpected sonic territory.

In addition to the underlying beach theme, this album was also heavily influenced by instruments and equipment that I was lent and gifted. This music would not be if weren't for these contributions. I'd like to thank and acknowledge:

  • steel drum and ukulele from Alyssa Kearns

  • shakers and miscellaneous wooden percussion from my parents

  • custom stratocaster and Silvertone amp head from Mr. Bradford

  • Miktek and vintage RCA mics, Chandler Little Devil and vintage Universal Audio LA-4 compressors, RTZ and Phoenix mic preamps from Rich Bradford.

Riley Mate (aka PSEUDODUDO) - album art. Find Riley's work at

Guitar Zack and Bootleg Kenny - Concept and vocals on "Don't You Gimme No" Find Zack's work at

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